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Unhooking Mats / Cradles

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  1. -31% Aqua Black Series Combi Mat Bag Aqua Black Series Combi Mat Bag
    The complete solution for storing and transporting your fish care kit. This purpose designed bag houses key items and allows important fish care kit to be carried all in one location and identified easily.
  2. New Aqua Camo Combi Mat
    Featuring the new DPM Camo Aquatexx fabric the well thought out Combi mat offers ultimate protection with its deep walled foam padding that's covered in a fish friendly fabric a safety retaining flap and a large surface area.
  3. New Aqua Camo Roving Unhooking Mat
    Featuring the new DPM camo Aquatexx fabric the Camo Roving mat is light weight yet practical the roving mat is the perfect compromise between protection and bulk.
  4. -15% Aqua Combi Cradle Aqua Combi Cradle
    This combination cradle offers a multitude of practical, fish safe solutions. The cradle can be used combined or as a stand alone mat.
  5. New-11% Aqua Combi Mat
    The Aqua Combi Mat is a tried and tested design. The feature-packed Aqua Combi Mat offers the ultimate in fish care reducing the handling of fish by allowing you to weigh and return your catch safely with minimal handling.
  6. -15% Aqua Compact Mat Aqua Compact Mat
    With the popularity of Aqua's XL Unhooking Mat they now offer all the same features in a more compact size. Deep dual layered foam base, fish friendly PVC and finished with an Aquatexx® retaining cover, 4 heavy duty carry handles plus handy clips to pack down in transit.
  7. New Aqua XL Unhooking Mat
    You are going to need the best possible protection if larger carp are your quarry, so for 2016 we have taken the best bits from our extremely popular and time served combi mat and blended them with the latest features. The result of this development is our XL unhooking mat.
  8. This superb mat offers the best combination of hard sides, fish safety and portability we’ve ever seen. It packs down in half for easy transport and offers a lightweight unhooking mat that still boasts solid sides to protect your catch.
  9. -17% Avid Mobile Roll-A Mat Avid Mobile Roll-A Mat
    This roll-up unhooking mat is a great option for anglers who want to travel light, without comprising on fish care. Made from a fish-friendly material and boasting plenty of padding, the mat comes with two Carabiner clips, allowing you to clip it to the Avid Carp Ruckbag/Rucksack.
  10. New-17% Avid Safeguard Any Level Cradle XL Avid Safeguard Any Level Cradle XL
    After the popularity of the original Safeguard cradle, we have designed the brand-new Any Level version.They boast all the great features of the original models, but also have adjustable legs that make them easier to use on uneven terrain.
  11. The Stormshield Safeguard unhooking mats are the latest version of one of our best-selling and most popular products lines to date.
  12. New-24% Chub Compact Xtra Protection Mat Chub Compact Xtra Protection Mat

    The Chub Compact Xtra Protection Mat is a smaller version of the popular Snooper Xtra Protection Mat. Manufactured to the same high standard the Chub
  13. -31% Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Compact Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Compact
    Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat Compact, a no-nonsens mat made from extreme soft and durable material with a Raised outer filled with polystyrene beads. Folds together for easy carrying.
  14. The Chub Xtra Protection Cradles offer a unique design allows the cradle to fold away flat as well as offering the best fish care possible.
  15. -23% Chub X-Tra Protection Duo Mat
    RRP £69.99 Erics Price £36.99
  16. -23% Chub X-Tra Protection Uplifter Cradle Chub X-Tra Protection Uplifter Cradle
    Designed to give greater protection by keeping the carp clear of the ground. Also features maximum padding.
  17. PU covered flat foam mat for small to medium sized specimens. Elasticated loops to keep folded.
  18. -46% Daiwa Infinity Unhooking Mat
    Polystyrene bean filling for improved fish support
  19. The Specialist Compact Unhooking Mat is lightweight and compact, designed with the specialist and pleasure angler in mind.
  20. -11% Fox Camo Easy Mat XL Fox Camo Easy Mat XL
    Pop-up frame design enables you to assemble and pack down the whole mat in a matter of seconds.
    Styled in unique Fox Camo pattern. Flexible sides prevent fish from flipping/sliding off mat.
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