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Landing Nets & Accessories

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  1. New Aqua Camo Landing Net Stink Sleeve
    Made using DPM pattern Aquatexx and designed to store wet nets and weigh slings with rigid bars it is suitable for up to 42" landing nets.
  2. New Aqua Camo Net Float
    Will fit and float most modern nets. Designed to aid the landing of fish by keeping the block buoyant in the water, now in DPM Camo.
  3. New Aqua Endura Net Float
    The Aqua Endura Net Float will fit and float most modern landing nets.
  4. Twin slim line floats designed to fit discreetly within mesh net tubes adding bouyancy and support to landing net arms.
  5. Before unhooking, weighing and photographing, the process of retaining fish with minimum fuss is important. These retainer floats simply slide over each end of your landing net, secured by adjustable webbing straps and offer a short term solution whilst preparing your unhooking mat, weighing kit and camera equipment.
  6. New Aqua Landing Net Stink Sleeve
    The Aqua Landing Net Stink Sleeve has been designed to store wet landing nets and weigh slings.
  7. Premium neoprene net float designed to add buoyancy to the block of any landing net, aiding the fish landing process.
  8. The captive nets are finished with an anti-glare carbon and newly designed reinforced spreader block, Japanese shrink wrap ends with laser etched but caps and subtle stylish soft touch khaki green mesh with reinforced stitching.
  9. The new Curvex landing net from Avid Carp complements the ever popular Curvex rod range perfectl. With its 2 piece, 2.4m handle, it is the perfect tool to cover a whole host of fishing situations.
  10. A truly beautiful 1.8m landing net handle combination, boasting a stunning 3k carbon weave, matt black fittings and a super sexy aluminium spreader block.
  11. This compact net float will keep your net from disappearing below the surface during the netting of big carp.
  12. -21% Chub Outkast Landing Net 42" Chub Outkast Landing Net 42"
    To complete the Outkast rod range Chub introduce a high quality landing net with very nice cosmetics that fit perfect in the Outkast range
  13. New-34% Chub RS Plus Landing Net
    Chub RS-Plus Landing Net
    A strong and robust net designed to be used under the toughest conditions. The subtle black cosmetics perfectly match the RS+ carp rod range.
  14. New-23% Chub Vantage Net Float 2016 Model
    Simply unscrew the block and fit the Net Float onto the handle. Replace block and secure by using the elastic strap. Once in position tighten drawstrings and trim to suit.
  15. ESP Terry Hearn Landing Net Designed in conjunction with Terry Hearn the high modulus 6' (1.8m) handle is exceptionally light and rigid, with a slim reverse taper and woven finish, to match the Terry Hearn rods, along with an ergonomic textured grip.
  16. The Paragon Plus net features high modulus 42inch carbon arms and a strong, rigid 6ft (1.8m) reverse taper handle.
    The ultra-light super strong spreader block creates a perfectly tensioned 36inch gape across the drawcord.
    The arms featured machined aluminium fittings and a deep, soft olive green mesh perfect for retaining carp in the margins.
  17. Features unique Fox Camo pattern
    Design to aid landing of fish
    Split design enables float to be used on nets with fixed spreader block such as Torque and Horizon XT
    Velcro closing and fastening
  18. New Fox EOS Landing Nets Fox EOS Landing Nets
    6ft one piece matt black carbon handle
    Die-cast Aluminium spreader block
    Shallow 70cm soft mesh
    Supplied with net bag
    Complements EOS rods
    Available in 42ins and 46ins
  19. Fox Horizon / Torque Reinforced Spare Landing Net Mesh
  20. New-22% Fox Horizon XT 42" Landing Net
    Horizon XT Landing Nets.
    Designed to complement our top-end Horizon XT casting rods this innovative new design is considered by many to be the creme de la creme of landing nets!
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