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Fish Care Accessories

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  1. New Aqua Freeflow Carp Sack
    Free Flow Carp Sack This fish friendly twin stitched carp sack has been made using the softest black mesh available.It features robust size 8 zips with baffles and an anti-escape clip, supplied with enough cord to enable your catch to nestle safely in the deep margins.
  2. -33% Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard
    Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat, made from extreme soft and durable material with a High density foam centre and a Raised outer filled with polystyrene beads. Folds together for easy carrying.
  3. New Fox Collapsible Water Bucket Fox Collapsible Water Bucket
    Perfect for fishcare, cleaning hands, mixing groundbait and multiple other uses
  4. An essential part of any angler’s kit, especially in wet weather when you will need to keep your hands dry whilst tying PVA bags or rigs.
  5. Intensive Care spray is a new concept in angler focused fish care that can be used to treat all fresh water fish.
  6. Gardner ‘Medic Plus’ is a scientifically developed one-step antiseptic gel designed for the treatment of sores, ulcers, hook holds, tears or any other external injuries.
  7. New JRC Foldable Water Bucket JRC Foldable Water Bucket
    The JRC Foldable Water Bucket can be used for many different purposes including keeping fish wet and cool.
  8. New Korda Carp Care All-in-One
    <p>The all new Korda Carp Care All-in-One is a liquid that can be used to treat body and mouth. Korda Carp Care All-in-One contains a concentrate that provides maximum adhesion to the fish. Something we feel every passionate angler will appreciate.</p><p>The Korda Carp Care All-in-One really does work and should be promoted as an essential item in any anglers tackle box. With just a smear of treatment on any visible injury, you're giving that fish the best possible chance of recovery.</p>
  9. Propolis is a natural product with antibiotic properties which can be used to treat open wounds and ulcers, as well as hook holds, lifted scales and damaged fins.
  10. New Kryston Klin-Ik Medi Skin Total Carp Care 30ml
    The most advanced carp care recovery treatment ever developed. One shot application for mouth, fins and body. For hook holds, split fins, lesions, open wounds, recent scale loss, post spawning damage, parasitic and fungal infections.
  11. Essential in any carper's kit, keeps your hands dry in wet weather, after handling fish, spod mixes and invaluable when handling PVA.

    Features woven Nash logo.

    Approximate dimensions : 48cm x 28cm
  12. New Nash Medicarp Ultra Nash Medicarp Ultra
    Nash Medicarp Ultra is an antiseptic gel specially formulated for fish treatment.As anglers we should always check our catch for any damage or sores i
  13. New-5% Nash Refresh Water Bucket (New)
    Nash Refresh Water Bucket (New) Another clever design by Kevin Nash, a space saving water bucket.
  14. New Nash Scope Black Ops Refresh Water Bucket Nash Scope Black Ops Refresh Water Bucket
    Scope Black Ops Refresh Water Bucket
    The flat pack carp care and baiting accessory.
  15. New Nash Scope Black Ops Retainer System Nash Scope Black Ops Retainer System
    Scope Black Ops Retainer System
    Converts your landing net to a retainer sling - instantly!
  16. Multi purpose space saving concertina design bucket.
  17. Never be without a fishcare water container again - designed to be folded away inside an unhooking mat ready for use in an instant, simply extend and fill to keep a supply of water close to hand at all times. Can also be used as a wash basin, stalking bucket, groundbait bowl or even a drinks chiller: updated for 2017, the Collapsible Water Bucket now features an all new handle strap and clutch hoop - caring for your prized catch has never been easier!!
  18. A smart pair of 100% cotton towels embroidered with stylish RidgeMonkey branding. Whether you’ve worked up a sweat or just need to dry your equipment, these designer towels get the job done.
  19. Economy bait / Water bucket that packs away flat for storage or transit, lightweight and ideal for holding water of mixing baits.
  20. -41% Sonik SKS Refresh Bucket
    Space saving water bucket that collapses to fold flat when empty and pops open in use
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