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  1. New-31% Ali Hamidi 'The Carper's High' Brand New Book Ali Hamidi 'The Carper's High' Brand New Book
    Is it a biography? Is it a technical book? Is it anecdotal and story-based? Quite simply, it's all these things rolled into one.
  2. -41% All Ways Carping - The Carp Tapes Hardback Book
    All Ways Carping is a new book based around a series of in-depth interviews with four of England's best known carp anglers, Gary Bayes, Nick Helleur, Jim Shelley & Chris Ball
  3. New-50% Big Carp Legends Book Rob Maylin
    Rob Maylin's incredible carp fishing life has spanned over 40 years. His contribution to carp angling literature is second to none. Author of five iconic books.
  4. New Discover Carp Fishing Book Simon Crow and Rob Hughes
    An in-depth look at how to fish for carp composed by the 1996 World Carp Cup Champions.
  5. New Dovetail Games Euro Fishing
    Dovetail Games Euro Fishing immerses you deep into the adrenaline-packed action, fun and beauty of Europe's most famous lakes. This is the closest you can get to real fishing from the comfort of your own couch. Welcome to the Great Indoors!
  6. New Korda Ali Hamidi's Carp Fishing Masterclass Korda Ali Hamidi's Carp Fishing Masterclass
    Ali Hamidi's Carp Fishing Masterclass contains over 330 pages forming a mindboggling 32 chapters of detailed carp catching information. This is a must
  7. New Korda Complete Guide To Holiday Carp Fishing Korda Complete Guide To Holiday Carp Fishing
    The Korda Complete Guide To Holiday Carp Fishing comprises a book and 2 DVDs. The book is packed with comprehensive fish-catching tips on how to ensur
  8. Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing Part 8 is the latest in the fantastic Underwater series from Korda. This instalment features the second
  9. The eight-show run features the cream of Team Korda along with a few new faces tackling some of the premier venues in the UK for your enjoyment. The s
  10. New Korda Thinking Tackle Series 9
    Want to know how to outwit cunning, old carp that have seen it all before? Well, here's your chance as two of the countries most respected anglers team up to try and catch us a Yateley Match Lake specimen in front of the Thinking Tackle cameras.
    The weedy Match Lake is a lovely, secluded little water found in deepest Hampshire featuring overhanging bushes, snaggy trees and sexy islands. Consequently, it requires a specialised approach in order to get amongst its wily old residents. Who better to do this than Ali and Gaz, who target tricky waters like this on a daily basis.
  11. New-50% One Last Cast Book (Hardback) by Rob Maylin
    One Last Cast is Rob's long awaited follow up to the 1993 classic 'Bazil's Bush'
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