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  1. New Aqua Camo Atom
    New for 2015 is the Atom in our new DPM camo fabric. With the same features as the original ground-breaking Atom this new addition provides the smallest, lightest one-man bivvy in the Industry.
  2. New Aqua M3
    The Aqua M3 sets an industry benchmark that others strive to achieve so if you only want one bivvy make it this one. It has unparalleled strength with the heaviest grade of Aquatexx which has hydrostatic head ratings of over 14000mm and the unbeatable Aqua designed frame.
  3. New Aqua M3 Compact
    The best things come in small packages well this is certainly true in the case of the M3 Compact. This product is the evolution of the extremely popular Carbon Compact, and now utilises the tried and tested 16mm rigid pre formed powder coated aluminium tube that's been reliable and in use since the year 2000 when it was first introduced onto the original MK1.
  4. New Aqua M3 Duo
    The ultimate in spacious comfort offering luxurious 2 man capacity with the same great features as our top selling M3 Armo making the Aqua M3 Duo the most feature packed 2 man shelter available.
  5. New Avid Base Camper 1 Man Bivvy Avid Base Camper 1 Man Bivvy
    This fantastic three-rib bivvy has a built-in peak system that enables you to be set up and fishing in comfort quickly and easily.
  6. New Avid Base Camper XXL Bivvy Avid Base Camper XXL Bivvy
    The Basecamper XXL has been designed for anglers that require lots of space.
  7. New Avid HQ Euro Bivvy Avid HQ Euro Bivvy
    This is the biggest, best and most feature packed bivvy on the market. With three front doors, three skins and looks to kill, it leaves other bivvies in the shade.
  8. New Avid HQ MK2 Twin Skin 1 Man Bivvy Avid HQ MK2 Twin Skin 1 Man Bivvy
    The most feature packed bivvy on the market just got better! The first ever bivvy to feature a built in twin-skin as standard now boasts a new internal layout and a stylish rain peak, designed to keep the elements at bay better than ever before.
  9. New Chub Airbrid Bivvy Chub Airbrid Bivvy
    The most innovative air pole bivvy market. It’s extremely easy to put up or pack down and features and industry first air poled peak.
  10. Chub's new Cyfish Bivvy offers execeptional value with a full overwrap system included.
    1 Man and 2 Man options available
  11. A twin skinned version of the ever popular Chub Cyfish bivvy which features an inner mesh capsule with built in groundsheet.
  12. New Chub Outkast Bivvy Chub Outkast Bivvy
    This rapid erect bivvy comprises of a 3 pole, 4 section frame so it can be set up in seconds to create a sturdy all weather bivvy.
  13. New-12% Chub Outkast Shelter Chub Outkast Shelter
    This 2-rib shelter has a 4 section frame for extremely compact transportation and is very lightweight, super fast and easy to set up.
  14. New-11% Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap
    Control the temperature in the bivvy with an overwrap
  15. New-43% Chub RS-Plus Bivvy
    An all new 2-pole 3-section frame which means it's quicker and simpler to set up and easier to transport in your quiver or system sleeve.
  16. New-10% Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy
    The awesome Chub RS Plus Max Bivvy

    RRP £319.98 Now £159.99
  17. -49% Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy & Overwrap Mega Deal Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy & Overwrap Mega Deal
    Erics Mega Deal - Get the Bivvy and Wrap for £189.99
  18. New-18% Chub RS-Plus Shelter Chub RS-Plus Shelter
    The Chub RS-Plus Shelter is Coming Soon Watch This Space!
  19. New-11% Chub Tri-Brid Bivvy
    The Chub Tri-Brid Bivvy is not only an excellent summer shelter but can also convert into a full bivvy system. The Tri-Brid is a cross between a bivvy and a brolly featuring rigid three pole two break frame the shelter is easy to fit into most quiver systems or rod holdalls.
  20. New-10% Chub Vantage Bivvy 1 Man 2016 Model Chub Vantage Bivvy 1 Man 2016 Model
    Chub Vantage Bivvy
    The Vantage Bivvy features a new design, manufactured from a sturdy 16mm 4 section frame engineered from 6061 aluminium with quick release joints and collars to guarantee a rock solid set up.
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