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Bivvies and Brollies

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  1. Designed for hands-free use enabling you to relax and enjoy your favourite film or TV series or just surf the web from the comfort of your bedchair. An adjustable clamp allows the tablet holder to easily and securely attach to your bedchair or chair while a flexible goose neck arm and rotational head holder allows the tablet holder to be positioned in a convenient position to suit you.
  2. The first bivvy designed by Sonik does not disappoint in any way. Made from lightweight, yet reliable 210D polyester with a 5000mm hydrostatic head waterproof cover it will keep you dry in all weather. Twin rear vents provide excellent air circulation in hot weather, while a hard wearing PU groundsheet keeps your gear clean and tidy.
    Available in 1 Man & 2 Man
    Winter Overwrap 1 Man & 2 Man
  3. New Sonik SKS Bivvy Table
    Strong and light, the SKS Bivvy table features a coated aluminium top and fully adjustable leg locking functions.
  4. New Sonik SKS Dayshelter
    The SKS Dayshelter is all you need for those short session's where you want to spend the maximum time fishing and minimum time setting up your gear.
  5. New-12% Sonik XTI 1 Man Bivvy
    XTI 1 Man Bivvy
    With a host of solid features and a realistic price tag, these incredible new shelter systems set a new benchmark for performance, functionality and long-term durability.
  6. New-10% Sonik XTI 2 Man Bivvy
    XTI 2 Man Bivvy
    The same materials and features as the 1 man bivvy, but with a larger footprint for those anglers who want additional space inside the bivvy, or for those anglers who enjoy fishing with partners or friends.
  7. New-15% Sonik XTI Supadome
    XTI Supadome
    Built for the serious session angler who is looking for a quick to set up shelter system that offers all the protection needed for the worst weather, whilst also maximising the amount of internal space relative to the footprint.
  8. These heavy-duty 12ins Pegs come supplied in packs of four, and offer extra security where required when pegging out your shelter.
  9. Following the overwhelming success of the Armo bivvy MK2 Trakker set about the task of improving what was regarded by thousands of anglers as the best bivvy ever. Not an easy task but after months and months of development the Trakker Armo (2013 version) was launched. The Trakker Armo (2013 version) is manufactured using the groundbreaking Aquatexx material which was developed over a period of 18 months by working closely with a leading British material manufacturer to produce what is possibly the ultimate in bivvy material. Aquatexx is not only approximately 40% stronger than conventional nylon fabrics but its ability not to expand or contract in varying weather conditions results in a more stable shelter. A porch feature has also been added to help prevent water dripping onto the groundsheet when anglers are fishing with the door open. The Trakker Armo (2013 version) features a Revolutionary chain link system which replaces the traditional elastic between the joints and eliminates the age old problem of the elastic either fraying or snapping!Available in 1 and 2-man versions. Extended Wraps also available.Features- Revolutionary chain link system- Two m
  10. Made from our renowned Aquatexx material the Trakker Armo Extended Wrap fits snugly over our Armo and Trident AS bivvies.Once in place the Trakker Arm
  11. New-6% Trakker Armo Tempest Bivvy System V2
    The Second Coming!

    The best just got better, and 2014 sees the release of the Tempest Bivvy System V2! The same core functions and amazing bivvy footprint are retained, but with some very desirable additions
  12. New-6% Trakker Armo Tempest Bivvy System XL V2
    A revolutionary patented block design enables the Tempest to be erected rapidly with the minimum of effort. It has an ingenious footprint, which maximises internal space for the session angler, without it taking up unnecessary room in the swim.
  13. New-13% Trakker Armo Tempest Bivvy Wrap V2
    This Trakker Armo Tempest Wrap has been engineered specifically to fit over the Armo Tempest Bivvy System to give you complete protection from the elements.
  14. New-6% Trakker Armo Tempest Bivvy Wrap V2 XL
    This bivvy wrap has been engineered specifically to fit over the Tempest Bivvy System to offer complete protection from the elements. Made from Aquatexx material, it throws over the bivvy with ease and has its own pole, which creates an extended porch at the front of the bivvy.
  15. New-8% Trakker Armo Trident AS Trakker Armo Trident AS
    The Trakker Armo Trident AS is based on the original design of the MkII Armo. However an improved design allows greater weather protection and stabili
  16. Black Carbon-Effect Bivvy Table
  17. Sleek well-designed and practical the Cayman Bivvy sets new benchmarks in its class. The two-rib system has been designed to maximise internal space;
  18. The Cayman Bivvy Extended Wrap has been designed to fit perfectly over your Cayman Bivvy and coverts it in to a twin skin shelter. The extra skin incr
  19. New-9% Trakker Cayman Pro Extended Wrap One Man Trakker Cayman Pro Extended Wrap One Man
    If you want optimum performance from your Cayman Pro Bivvy the addition of a Trakker Cayman Pro Extended Wrap One Man will massively reduce condensati
  20. New-11% Trakker Cayman Pro One Man Trakker Cayman Pro One Man
    The Trakker Cayman Pro One Man follows on from the massive success of the nylon Cayman Bivvy one-man and two-man versions we've reacted to the demands
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