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Sleeping Bags, Pillows & Covers

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  1. New-15% Aqua Aquatexx Bedchair Cover
    Our all new breathable waterproof Aquatexx bed chair cover offers ultimate comfort and protection from the elements, while offering an added thermal layer, we have done away with the fleece lining and have utilised a poly cotton quilting maintaining exceptional warmth to weight ratio.
  2. New-11% Aqua Atexx 5 Sleeping Bag
    The Aqua Atexx 5 is a no nonsense 5 Season sleeping bag that offers superior levels of warmth for year round use. Using the Performance grade Aquatexx Bivvy Fabric as the basis for the bag it guarantees durability and protection. The bag has a deep hollow fill fibre filling to push your fishing boundary's further and longer into the year.
  3. -7% Aqua Atexx Camo Bedchair Cover Aqua Atexx Camo Bedchair Cover
    This breathable and waterproof Aquatexx® bedchair cover offers the ultimate comfort and protection from the elements and adds that important thermal layer. The poly cotton quilting has exceptional warmth to weight ratio with added durability and, unlike some materials, does not attract bank side debris. It also washes very well and is less bulky than fleece. Also available in green Aquatexx®.
  4. New Aqua Camo Pillow Case
    A full sized pillow case in our popular DPM Aquatexx material.
  5. These stunning sleeping bags offer unrivalled levels of warmth and comfort. Utilise thermal fleece and waterproof, windproof and breathable peachskin to offer a truly remarkable sleeping bag. The modular design gives you numerous options. The three layer system means you have options for every season. Summer mode rovides a single peachskin layer that is breathable and windproof. Spring/Autumn mode offers two layers of coverage, with a fleece lining. Full winter mode gives you three layer coverage at the top, with windproof peachskin underneath for maximum warmth and protection from the elements.
  6. This super soft sleeping bag cover features a waterproof peachskin outer layer and a thick fleece lining for a warm and comfortable nights fishing. Sized uniquely to fit the majority of bedchairs. Converts a 3 season sleeping bag to a full 5 season rated sleep system.
  7. This luxurious pillow features a comfortable fleece material on one side and a breathable peachskin on the other side, so whatever your preference you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.
  8. The Stormshield Bedchair Cover has been specifically designed for brolly anglers and those who like to sleep under the stars. The Stormshield fabrics ensures that your Bedchair and sleeping bag remains well protected from the elements, even in the heaviest of downpours. The cover features heavy duty clips at the bottom end for attachment to the Bedchair and metal eyelets at the top to allow a bankstick or storm pole to be used to create a shelter. The oversized design also allows the Stormshield Cover to be used on some large Bedchairs.
  9. New-23% Chub Bedchair Pillow Large
    Non-slip full padded with luxurious fleece outer for extreme comfort and warmth. Features adjustable carrystrap for easier and more comfortable transportation of your chair/bedchair.
  10. -24% Chub Outkast Sleeping Bag Chub Outkast Sleeping Bag
    A sleeping bag designed for the mobile carp angler with the Konnect-3 attachment system for freedom of movement.
  11. A lightweight, super warm hybrid bag that bridges the gap between a standard thermal cover and a sleeing bag design. Great for extra warmth in winter or on its own in summer.
  12. This 5 Season Sleeping Bag is designed for year-round comfort for an incredible warmth to weight ratio, for every weather condition for every carp angler.
  13. New-23% Chub Vantage Sleeping Bag Carryall 2016 Model
    It's a fact of life that the Chub team are all too familiar with "how do you get your sleeping bag back into the compression sack"? Unless you are blessed with the arms of Arnie, this can prove to be a bit difficult at times! So they decided to do something about it.
  14. An extra layer of insulation designed to give extra warmth over a sleeping bag in winter or used on its own as a cover in the warmer months.
  15. Manufactured from waterproof and breathable climatex material perfect for overnighters under the stars when a little extra protection from the elements is needed.
  16. Based on same design as original ERS sleeping bags but with full fleece inner lining for added warmth and comfort
  17. Over a year in development, the Fortis X Snugpak collaboration has created arguably the most eagerly awaited sleeping bag in carp fishing history. Snugpak, with their 30+ years of military sleeping bag experience, and Fortis, who have recently styled some of the most sort after winter clothing have joined together once again to bring to you the Techlite.
  18. -17% Fox Camo Ventec VRS2 Cover
    Fox Camo Ventec VRS2 Cover
  19. Fleece and cotton combo
    Unique Fox Camo pattern
    Neoprene lined to retain heat for longer
    Water bottle supplied
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