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Barrows & Barrow Luggage

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  1. New-6% Aqua Barrow Bag Black Series
    A spacious, padded and lined carryall designed to be used in conjunction with your barrow. Providing a solid workstation it boasts a reinforced base and the unique modular system can accommodate a multitude of purpose designed accessories from the Black Series range.
  2. -24% Avid Transit X Barrow Avid Transit X Barrow
    The Transit X Barrow is designed for transporting heavy loads over large distances. It boasts a unique handle system, which means you no longer have to bend your arms when pushing the barrow. This reduces the strain on your arms and back, making the barrow easier to push over uneven terrain.
  3. -15% Avid Tuned Barrow Organiser Avid Tuned Barrow Organiser
    This simple bag fits beautifully inside the Avid Carp Barrow and many other popular Barrow Bags. What’s more, it’s totally compatible with Avid Tuned™ tackle pouches, cool pouches and air dry bags. Just load it however you like and slot it into the barrow. When at the swim, simply transfer to your bivvy. Great for so many uses, a must-have bag.
  4. The ideal barrow for the movile angler, easily folds to a compact size for easy transportation and storage.
  5. New-31% Chub Transporter Barrow
    The Chub Transporter Barrow provides excellent load carrying capacity. The large pneumatic wheel is quick and easy to attach and the adjustable front bar allows you to place heavy items over the wheel for easy carrying and greater stability.
  6. -10% Daiwa Infinity Barrow Case System Daiwa Infinity Barrow Case System
    This system has been designed with 1200 denier fabric on the outside, a two-way zip and EVA handles on both sides.

    Inside are four internal side wall pockets, which can pack buzzer bar alarms, wallets and many other items to save space in the car or barrow.
  7. New ESP Barra-Bag 60 Litre ESP Barra-Bag 60 Litre
    The ESP Barra-Bag 60 Litre is ideally suited for any popular carp barrow its hard wearing and amazingly versatile.ESP Barra-Bag 60 Litre Features:- Th
  8. New Fox CamoLite Barrow Bag
    Perfect for use with Explorer Barrow with retaining panel on rear designed for fixing bag to Explorer Barrow.
  9. New Fox CamoLite Standard Storage Bag
    Ideal for storing items such as stove, gas canisters and cookware. Styled in unique Fox Camo pattern.
  10. Based on same unique design as original Explorer barrow but with some added extras!
    Designed to allow anglers to fish ‘off of the barrow’ making it ideal for short-session anglers that like to keep mobile but also equally as good for anglers that need to carry those essential extras
  11. New-22% Fox FX Barrow Bags - Medium
    The Fox FX Barrow Bags have all the key features of the larger version in a smaller more compact package. The Fox FX Barrow Bags have been specificall
  12. New Fox FX Explorer Barrow Inc Bag Straps
    The unique Explorer Barrow has been designed to be one of the most versatile carp barrows ever released onto the market. Designed with the day session angler in mind the very compact Explorer can also be adjusted for use on longer sessions where bedchairs and extra tackle is needed.
  13. This new Barrow Bag has been added to the Royale range following the huge popularity of the Barrow Bags that form part of Fox's top-end FX range
  14. New Fox Royale Barrow Front Bag Fox Royale Barrow Front Bag
    The Fox Royale Barrow Front Bag is the perfect addition to the Fox Royale XT Carp Barrow. The position of the Fox Royale Barrow Front Bag ensures opti
  15. New-6% Fox Royale Carp Barrow Fox Royale Carp Barrow
    The Fox Royale Carp Barrow is a brand new barrow from Fox and it is absolutely packed with features. The Fox Royale Carp Barrow has detachable handles
  16. Designed to fit most barrows on the market maximising storage space both in your swim and in transit
  17. For storing tackle, bait and clothing
    Perfect for use with Explorer and Explorer Deluxe barrows
  18. -16% Gardner Barrow Bag
    The Gardner Barrow Bag is a unique large capacity bag designed specifically to be transported on a barrow and to fit under a bedchair for easy storage
  19. New JRC Cocoon Barrow Bag Large
    Large main compartment and various zipped pouches
  20. New JRC Cocoon Barrow Bag XL
    Large main compartment and various zipped pouches
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