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Terminal Tackle

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  1. Drennan Stainless Oval Cage Feeders have a low profile which ensures they hug the bottom of your swim more effectively and are also less obvious to wary fish.
  2. The Super Specialist Barbel hook is a tried and tested hook pattern that has quickly gained cult status amongst big fish anglers.

    The extra long point of the Drennan Super Specialist Barbel hook is immensely sharp, giving instant penetration on the take. This makes it virtually impossible for the fish to eject the hook once in its mouth.
  3. Super Specialist Isotopes are ideal for buzzers, bobbins and are powerful enough to make excellent rod tip indicators.

    There is a selection of fluorescent green collars to fit a wide range of quiver and rod tips, providing a neat attachment system.
  4. Avon/Barbel Rod Tip Nightlite Adaptor Suitable for use with Isotopes and other chemical nightlites
  5. Target Buffer Bead Terminal Packs include all the items you need to create versatile running rigs.
  6. Target Fluorocarbon hooklink materials are manufactured from the highest grade 100% Fluorocarbon (PVDF) and has been specifically developed to offer specialist anglers a Fluorocarbon hooklink that gives finesse and reliability.
  7. Target Kwik Lok Terminal Packs include all the items you need to create quick change running rigs.
  8. Target Kwik Lok Swivels are excellent for incorporating into a variety of rigs where you want to have the ability to quickly change hooklinks.

    By using the tried and tested Kwik Lok System you do not compromise strength with this component. All you need to do is tie a strong figure of 8 loop knot in your chosen hook link material, loop this onto the Kwik Lok Swivel and sheath the joint with a Target Anti Tangle Sleeve for added security.
  9. Target Lead Clip Terminal Packs include all the items you need to create safe Lead Clip arrangements.
  10. These useful line stops are popular with specimen and carp anglers for incorporating into a wide range of terminal arrangements.
  11. Anti Tangle Sleeves are used mainly to create a small boom effect on hooklinks that helps to kick them away from the mainline, weights and feeders. This helps to reduce tangles and works really well on many types of ledger rig – including running and helicopter rigs, lead clips and paternosters.

    These Anti Tangle Sleeves are only 16mm long, which means that they are small enough not to interfere with the mechanics of helicopter rigs (longer sleeves can actually cause tangles as they stop the hook link spinning). They work superbly with either size 12 or size 20 Target Swivels or Kwik Lock Swivels.
  12. These Target Mini Buffer Beads are designed to be used with size 12 Target Rig Swivels, and are ideal for incorporating into running lead rigs and running paternosters.

    They sheath the swivel and protect the knot from the from being damaged by lead swivel and help to keep your set up neat and tidy.
  13. ‘Target’ Lead Clips offer specialist anglers the ability to drop the lead weight or feeder in a controlled manner when they are angling for powerful species in weedy or snaggy venues! They also offer a quick change option so you can adapt you tactics to suit the requirements of different swims or changing water conditions by swapping over the type, size and style of your weight quickly and easily…

    These scaled down Target Lead Clips are designed for use with size 12 Target Swivels or Size 12 Kwik Lok Swivels.

    Essentially size 12 swivels are strong enough to cope with any hard battling species. Whether your targeting super fit barbel in a river or heading out for carp or tench in your local lake these excellent little clips give you a much smaller and subtler option than the more commonly used size 8 versions.
  14. These Target Tail Rubbers have been specifically designed to offer optimum performance and control in conjunction with Target Lead Clip. This is thanks to the exact specifications used – especially the shape and diameter of the internal bore and the semi stiff compound used in their construction.

    The overall length of these Tail Rubbers has been reduced down to just 22mm. This means that the complete Target Lead Clip System is as small as possible whilst retaining fully flexible functionality.
  15. Target Rig Swivels are available in sizes 12 and 20. These Multi purpose rig swivels are available in two popular sizes which fulfil the requirements of dedicated specimen anglers targeting a variety of species.
  16. Target Run Rings are designed for use in creating free running rigs, making them ideal for use in tying rigs that are suitable for fishing for a multitude of species including barbel, Chub, bream, carp and eels.
  17. The Target Specimen Hook is a a great all round hook pattern that’s perfect for use with an extremely wide variety baits and rigs for a range of species; from hard fighting river species like big chub and barbel, to still water fish like tench and bream right through to carp.
  18. The Speciskin range combines fine diameters with superb strength and reliability making these the perfect carp and specimen anglers’ hook length material.
  19. All anglers understand how important it is to keep all the components that make up our terminal tackle as camouflaged and subtle as possible – and having good camouflage colours and scaling down the size of items like these XL Buffer Beads helps to create a less obvious set up.
  20. Quick Change Beads enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder. Simple to use and totally reliable (they havve been thoroughly tested in extreme conditions and will never let you down), they are perfect for stillwater and river styles of feeder and bomb fishing. Sizes standard and large.
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