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Landing Nets

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  1. New Aqua Camo Net Float
    Will fit and float most modern nets. Designed to aid the landing of fish by keeping the block buoyant in the water, now in DPM Camo.
  2. To complete the Outkast rod range Chub introduce a high quality landing net with very nice cosmetics that fit perfect in the Outkast range
  3. The Black Widow net handle delivers superb quality and value for money.
  4. New Drennan S7 Extra Strong Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3.30m) Drennan S7 Extra Strong Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3.30m)
    The Series 7 Ex-Strong Carp Match 3.3m Landing Net Pole is great for general use and will easily handle larger carp.
  5. New ESP Landing Net Terry Hearn 44 inch
    ESP Terry Hearn Landing Net Designed in conjunction with Terry Hearn the high modulus 6' (1.8m) handle is exceptionally light and rigid, with a slim reverse taper and woven finish, to match the Terry Hearn rods, along with an ergonomic textured grip.
  6. The Paragon Plus net features high modulus 42inch carbon arms and a strong, rigid 6ft (1.8m) reverse taper handle.
    The ultra-light super strong spreader block creates a perfectly tensioned 36inch gape across the drawcord.
    The arms featured machined aluminium fittings and a deep, soft olive green mesh perfect for retaining carp in the margins.
  7. New Fox Specialist Landing Net Mk2
    New and improved version of original Specialist Landing Net head
    Reinforced frame for extreme reliability
    Soft-tough, hardwearing mesh
    Strong, moulded spreader block
    Available in 24ins and 30ins

    Please Note: Landing net handles not included
  8. New-5% Fox Torque Landing Net 42 inch 2 Piece Fox Torque Landing Net 42 inch 2 Piece
    Fox Torque Landing Net 42 inch 2 Piece
  9. <p>Fox Torque 42" Landing Net • High modulus 6ft carbon handle • Moulded solid aluminium spreader block featuring beta-light slot • The Fox Torque 42" Landing Net also comes complete with Carbon arms • Japanese shrink wrap handle grip • Black fittings • Green mesh with reinforced corners</p>
  10. -8% Fox Warrior S 42" Landing Net Fox Warrior S 42" Landing Net
    Produced for the angler on a budget, the Fox Warrior S Landing Net is the perfect high quality landing net that won’t break the bank
  11. A dedicated big fish and specimen river pan landing net, designed to be both practical and strong.
  12. These spare meshes are ideal for replacing your old worn and ripped mesh.

    Sizes available: Out-Reach Mesh 42″ and Out-Reach Mesh 50″.
  13. The Greys prodigy 42” landing net has a slim and lightweight 6ft handle that is super stiff thanks to the high modulus carbon construction. It features full 3K woven carbon and our Carbon Armour™ blank finish. Stainless steel spreader block and arm ends are built to last and allow quick dis-assembly. The green woven net mesh is reinforced for extra durability and has a handy mesh retaining loop
  14. Greys Prodigy Landing Net Handle 1.8m, Lightweight construction, Secure screw fitting, non-slip grip, protective metal butt.
  15. New JRC Cocoon Landing Net 42 inch JRC Cocoon Landing Net 42 inch
    JRC Cocoon Landing Net
    A robust and practical landing net that is the ideal tool under even the toughest conditions. The clever magnetic mesh retainer offers a simplistic solution for keeping the mesh out of the snags, compared to the damaging ring and clip systems on the market today.
  16. New JRC Contact 2G Landing Net 42 inch
    JRC Contact 2G Landing Net
    The Contact 2G Landing Net combines strength and durability with an unbeatable price - something all JRC Contact products have become famous for.
  17. The ideal net for the mobile angler. Designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible for easy transport during long days of stalking carp. Its lightweight construction and 2 piece handle also makes it perfect for solo boat work.
  18. New Korum Folding Spoon Landing Net
    This collapsible spoon net is great for roving anglers or coarse anglers short on space. Transportable, strong and fish friendly.
    Available in 22", 26" and 30"
  19. New Korum Latex Folding Spoon Landing Net - 26"
    Unique collapsible construction
    Fish-friendly, quick-dry mesh
    Mega lightweight frame
    Reinforced screw thread
    Complete with nylon stink sleeve
    Suitable for use with all Korum landing net poles
  20. New Korum Specialist Landing Net Pole 1.8m
    If you're looking for a strong, all-round net handle that's perfect for a range of fishing situations - you've found it! The Korum Specialist Landing Net Handle is ideal for commercial fisheries, river fishing or specimen fishing situations.
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