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  1. These new style pellets, never before been seen in the fishing bait industry, available in mixed tubs, are a total revolution in pellet production. A malleable bait that can be both side hooked or hair rigged with no drilling – these high oil baits will leech flavour over long periods giving a persistent scent trail that big fish won’t be able to resist.
  2. New Bait-Tech Super Sweetcorn
    Grade A sweetcorn, the biggest and best available in a variety of great flavours and colours
    Tutti Frutti
  3. In dictating the exact capabilities and action, Martin needed this rod to cope with extreme conditions. It needed to be capable of extracting fish from flooded water, launching a huge feeder across rivers such as the Trent or Severn, have sufficient reserves of power to handle big fish in snaggy swims and yet be forgiving enough to avoid hook pulls. This exceptional blank has all those capabilities and is powerful enough to be used with mainlines up to 15lb, and will comfortably handle the leads needed to hold bottom in extreme currents.
  4. With a powerful semi-through action it is ideally suited to modern barbel tactics where the capture of a double figure fish is a real prospect on almost all British rivers.

    It is suited to main lines of 10lb to 12lb and will comfortably cope with leads of up to 3oz.
  5. New Drennan S7 Extra Strong Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3.30m) Drennan S7 Extra Strong Carp Match Landing Net Handle (3.30m)
    The Series 7 Ex-Strong Carp Match 3.3m Landing Net Pole is great for general use and will easily handle larger carp.
  6. Designed to take the helm from Fox’s best selling Warrior S range, these Royale rods have been created with diversity of use in mind and perform equally well coarse fishing on rivers as they do specialist fishing on stillwaters.
  7. New Fox Specialist Landing Net Mk2
    New and improved version of original Specialist Landing Net head
    Reinforced frame for extreme reliability
    Soft-tough, hardwearing mesh
    Strong, moulded spreader block
    Available in 24ins and 30ins

    Please Note: Landing net handles not included
  8. A dedicated big fish and specimen river pan landing net, designed to be both practical and strong.
  9. New-12% Gardner Specialist/Barbel Rucksack Gardner Specialist/Barbel Rucksack
    The Gardner Specialist/Barbel Rucksack was designed by Neil Wayte specifically for the roving river angler but it can also be used by the stalking ang
  10. New Guru Specialist Gripper Feeders Guru Specialist Gripper Feeders
    We can say without the slightest hint of hype that the new Specialist Gripper Feeders are the best river feeders available. Literally hundreds of hours of research, design and testing has gone into these beautiful feeders, and the list of attributes bears this out.

    The Specialist Gripper Feeder is available in two sizes, large and medium, and in 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz versions.
  11. New Korum 3-Rod Quiver Korum 3-Rod Quiver
    The ultimate in ultra light luggage for the mobile angler. Designed to carry three rods, along with a shelter, landing net and banksticks. Ideal for the river specialist, or the angler looking to keep on the move.
  12. New Korum 5-Rod Quiver
    Built using the same philosophy as the 3-Rod Quiver, but with added capacity to take up to five rods and larger overnight shelters. Ideal for the carp or specialist angler who wants to go fully equipped!
  13. New Korum Angle Tilt Barbel Rest
    Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Angle adjustment to provide maximum versatility. Overmoulded section to provide a softer rest against your rod. Perfect for modern feeder fishing for big fish.
  14. Perfect for situations when you want to make adjustments to the tension in your quiver tip
  15. New Korum Angle Tilt Rod Rest
    The perfect rest to use with the Korum feeder arms. The deep V allows use with free spool reels whilst preventing the rod from being pulled out of the rest.
    Complete with locking nut.
  16. New Korum Angle Tilt Windbeater Rest
    Featuring a narrow rod groove to stop the rod being blown out, combined with a deep line groove to enable the use of free spool systems and Korums exclusive angle tilt mechanism.
  17. New Korum Any Chair Adaptor
    The Korum Any Chair Adaptor enables anglers to use Korum accessories with virtually any chair! It's the perfect item to improve your chair
  18. New Korum Any Chair Rear Rest Korum Any Chair Rear Rest
    The Any Chair system is designed to turn most chairs into a fully modular system by utilising the unique leg block system with inserts. The Any Chair Rear Rest allows you to rest the butt of your rod away from the ground directly on your chair.

  19. One of the most useful items of luggage ever. Ideal for stalking and floater fishing, when you want all your bait and tackle in one easy to use bag. The wipe clean lining is ideal for storing groundbait, boilies, pots of paste or even dead baits, whilst the front zip pocket is ideal for tackle.
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