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Base Mix, Colours & Flavours

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  1. Maple Ade,
    Strawberry Ade,
    Peach Ade,
    Pacific Tuna,
    Trigger Ade,
    Sweet Ade (Intense Sweetener),
    Garlic Ade NEW,
    Squid Ade NEW
  2. Mutli Stim Additive,
    Meta Mino Additive,
    Feed Inducing Fosoil,
    Hempseed Oil
  3. Activ-8,
    New Grange,
    Essential Cell,
    High Leakage 50/50
  4. Activ-8,
    The Fuze,
    New Grange,
    Hybrid Activator,
    Essential Cell.
  5. Mainline have taken out all the hard work of producing the perfect pop-up, just add eggs your chosen additives, mix, roll and boil then leave to dry
  6. Pineapple Juice,
    Raspberry Ripple,
    Juicy Fruit,
    Sweet Plum,
    Strawberry Jam,
    Condensed Milk,
    Tiger Nut,
    Big Crab,
    Red Lobster,
    Indian Spice,
    Clockwork Orange,
    White Chocolate NEW,
    Toasted Almond NEW,
    Golden Honey NEW.
  7. Tangerine Juice,
    Cherry Juice,
    Strawberry Zest,
    Tutti Frutti,
    Banana & Pear,
    Spice B,
    Milky Toffee,
    Salmon & Shrimp,
    Mediterranean Shellfish,
    Hydra Sweet (intense Sweetener),
    Frankfurter Sausage,
    Aniseed Oil
  8. Yellow,
  9. One of the greatest attractors of all time, but often overlooked these days
  10. Developed by Nashbait in the late 1980s and one of the all time great seafood extracts.
  11. The original and the best. One of the most famous and successful flavours ever
  12. Another old skool favourite originally from the Happy Hooker bait range, Strawberry Oil Palatant is an iconic attractor, famously used in the Amber Strawberry
  13. Making your own hookbaits is a serious edge, Hookbait Kits combined with the Nashbait Liquids and Additives range allow you to make wicked pop ups, balanced baits and special bottom baits that will catch more carp, especially when the fishing is hard.

    The base mix in the Hookbait Kits uses additional hardeners to create perfect skins around cork ball pop ups or extra durable bottom baits that can be left out for long periods. They come with the exact same liquid blend used to make the feed boilies for each Nashbait recipe.

    As well as changing the levels of the same attractors you can also make hookbaits that include additional additives for a twist, high attract baits using liquid and powdered attractors instead of bright colours. A carp’s sense of smell is better than its sight and if they go near the hookbait they often home in on it and pick it up first.
  14. The unique wild harvested crayfish meal exclusive to Nash, deadly in stick mixes, boilies and groundbaits.
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